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Our client a leading global beverage company pioneers asset re-use through our central technology solution.

Cost Savings

Approximately $10 million by 1% asset reuse

Better collaboration

with 70,000 staff and 6,000 agencies

Saved time

by keeping existing assets


A leading global beverage company needed to find a consistent, reliable way to manage, search, retrieve or reuse marketing assets globally. They previously relied on building hundreds, potentially thousands of narrow highly specialised tools or systems aimed at specific use cases.

This resulted in increasing series of silo systems that did not collaborate. Limited collaboration reduced the sharing of ideas and innovative marketing concepts within the company.

To counter this, Williams Lea Tag proposed CMD, our marketing resource management tool that eliminates silos and allows any market to re- purpose, reuse or publish existing company content.

Our solution created an improved environment for collaboration, improving the speed to market of campaigns. We managed to significantly reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies.

Our client needed a consistent and reliable solution to manage their marketing assets globally.

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