The Challenge.

A top five global investment bank was relocating their offices into a new building with no space for their mail and production operations.

The global investment bank required our support to set up new operations in a near site facility, and to seamlessly transfer their operation without interruption of service during the transition.

The Solution.

We set up the new near-site facility and managed a team of people to coordinate the processing and delivery of all work. To help with the seamless transition prior to decommissioning the old office space, we kept a small team located on-site to assist with last minute requests.

Strict security measures were implemented to ensure the safe transport of materials to and from the near-site and the client's building.

We also established the standard Operational Procedures (SOPs) and high quality standards that we have successfully employed in the US for the firm.

The Result.

We established the banks first off-site production and mail services facility without interruption to service.

The transition was seamless and we achieved significant cost savings through the reduction of on-site occupancy costs.

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