The Challenge.

To gain better transparency and control this European-based retail bank needed to consolidate production into one central resource across press, direct mail, packaging, collateral and point-of-sale to deliver enhanced processes for artwork, retouching and reproduction.

The Solution.

We implemented CMD, our Marketing Resource Management solution.

The central technology solution gives complete control and visibility of asset evolution, production and distribution throughout the supply chain.

The collaboration tool is accessible to our client's global team, creative agencies and media partners, offering a central management facility for all print, press, poster and direct mail activities across all 52 business units and brands.

The Result.

The European-based retail bank achieved 45% Production cost savings and significant business savings of up to $8.2 million, all of which was reinvested in the business.

The workflow management tools, audit trails, MI reports and project updates which were available through CMD streamlined agency and team relationships achieving better efficiency and effectiveness.

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