The Challenge.

To be faster, cheaper and better than the current providers in order to improve two service lines - Patient Recruitment and Retention, and Multi-Channel Marketing for existing brands through creative services and a reprographics.

The Solution.

For their Patient Recruitment, we created a customisable website that allows all collateral to be placed online for on-demand production and ordering. Investigators can log in and see all materials available and approved for their specific studies and specific countries.

We also partnered with the global biomedical and pharmaceutical company's app programmer to storyboard and create content to be deployed as mobile apps for both the consumers and the sales force, simultaneously meeting the multi-channel marketing requirement.

We were able to create an entire suite of deliverables, such as visual printed aides, websites and mobile products, ensuring content had a consistent look and feel.

The Result.

We reduced the need for multiple vendors while giving global and national campaigns a consistent feel. By sitting onsite and using our near-shore solutions, we were able to provide these services with a 40% savings when compared to past agency prices.

Our client's assets remain in their remit and the billing process is both streamlined and error-free, reducing timelines across the business.

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