The Challenge.

For some time, the AA had been producing a printed quarterly magazine. It was hugely popular, and subscribed to by over 350,000 of their members. However, they wanted it to work harder: to reach a wider demographic and increase its circulation. At the same time, they tasked us to give their audience a richer editorial content experience.

The Solution.

Our editorial team worked with the AA to plan and create engaging content and designed fresh new templates to bring it to life. In tandem, our software development specialists developed a digital publishing platform. Importantly, the platform was CMS driven, so that issues could be built once, and delivered across multiple channels including mobile, tablet - iOS and android - and the web.

The Result.

After a successful launch in summer 2012, the first digital edition reached over 12 times the number of recipients as the paper edition and shot to No.4 in the App store. Since then, the readership's increased a further 58%. The content's hitting the right notes too: the average number of pages each reader views has increased by 230%.

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