International Women’s Day: EMEA #PressforProgress

International Women's Day - WIlliams Lea Tag EMEA

Equality, work life balance and mentoring

As part of International Women’s Day 2018, Williams Lea Tag hosted a Q&A panel session with senior women from our EMEA leadership team joined by a group of our employees discussing advocacy, culture and support of equality.

The panelists opened the discussion with experiences of how they tackled challenges in the infancy of their careers, their views on different ways of working and what we can all do to press for progress in 2018 and beyond.

The event was hosted by our Group CEO David Kassler and the inspiring panelists, who make up 50% of our WLT EMEA Board, were:

   •  Denise Reid, Managing Director
   •  Jaqi Reid, Head of Business Development & Marketing
   •  Hannah Whiteley, Regional Head of Technology Services
   •  Jenni Hardy, Head of HR 

The key takeaways from the session were:

   •  Challenge stereotypes – be confident in your own skills and experience
   •  Find the right work life balance - don’t be so hard on yourself
   •  Support the home environment - embrace flexible working
   •  Mentor future generations – inspire the young at school

The session raised some interesting ideas and everyone agreed it was great to share thoughts and collaborate with colleagues on these important matters. 

We look forward to supporting International Women’s Day globally on the 8th March and beyond.